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We ask for a £10 fee* for application submissions from artists elsewhere in the UK. The proceeds go towards offsetting the hospitality costs of those acts coming from out of town. We also endeavour to obtain two or more shows for those acts to make their visit worthwhile. You must provide a minimum of 3 professionally recorded tracks for review. CD's and MP3's will not be accepted.

(Deadline for applications is 1st June 2017)


You can try your luck at circumventing the application process by coming to Lancaster and performing at one of our many open mics (see the About page). Ensure that a person responsible for booking acts for that venue is aware of your visit and that the venue is participating in the Lancaster Music Festival. By all means apply online and try an open mic!

*We don't believe acts should play for free at festivals, least of all ours. However there is a £10 application fee for out of town acts that goes towards the additional costs associated with hosting those acts while also filtering out frivolous applications. Because of the large number of acts we book, around 25% of applications are selected so if you're a talented act you'll likely be booked.

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